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ABS : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – The Plastic from which LEGO is made.

AFOL : Adult Fan Of LEGO – Refers to fans 18+ years of age.

AFFOL : Adult Female Fan Of LEGO

ALE : Adult LEGO Enthusiast

AHOL : Adult Hobbyist Of LEGO

Ambassador : A member of a LUG who represents the group to the LEGO community.

Anti-stud : The indentations on the bottoms of bricks, plates and tiles into which the studs will connect.

APC : Armored Personnel Carrier – A vehicle used in modern warfare.


BI : Building Instructions

Bignette : A scene that is larger than a vignette, but smaller than a diorama.

Billund : The town in Denmark where LEGO was created.  LEGO Headquarters and Design center are located there.

Bram Sphere : A LEGO sphere of any size developed by Bram Lambrecht.

Brick : An all encompassing term for any LEGO piece, cubic in design and 3+ plates in height, in any shape or color.

Brick Built : A creation which is made of bricks as opposed to using molded pieces.

Bricklink : is an unofficial online market for buyers and sellers who specialize in LEGO sets and pieces.

Brickset : is a website containing a highly detailed catalog of LEGO sets and elements.

BURP : Big Ugly Rock Piece.  – Found in most castle sets.


CC : Classic Castle – a LEGO castle fan site.

Cheese Grater : A LEGO element with a 33° slope, 1×1 studs wide, 2 studs long and 2 plates high. It resembles the cheese slope, only longer and slotted.

Cheese Slope : A LEGO element with a 33° slope, 1×1 studs wide and 2 plates high.  Aptly named for its resemblance to a wedge of cheese.

Clone Brand : Sets of construction toys that appear similar and may be compatible with LEGO,  sold by other companies to compete with LEGO.

CON : A convention where LEGO fans display their MOCs and socialize with other AFOLs.

Cracklink : A term used by AFOLs referring to Bricklink and its addictive nature when purchasing elements and minifigs in any desired quantity.

CSF : Classic Space Forum – An online LEGO Space fan community.

Custom :  A Non-LEGO part, element or accessory that is designed to be compatible with LEGO.  Third-Party Vendors such as BrickArms and BrickForge produce these items for example.

Cuusoo : The original name for LEGO Ideas.


Dark Ages : A period in a LEGO fan’s life when he/she sets aside LEGO in favor of non-Lego pursuits.

Diorama or DIO : A large LEGO scene/creation which is larger than either a bignette or vignette.

Draft : An activity common at LEGO club meetings, where participants bring the chosen set, sort the elements and take turns choosing the parts they want. A great way to get larger quantities of specific pieces to add to your collection.

DSS : Dreaded Sticker Sheet – The sheet of stickers that come with sets that need to be applied by hand.


Element :  A universal term for a LEGO piece that is not a Brick.


FAFOL : Female Adult Fan Of LEGO

FBTB : From Bricks To Bothans – An online community for fans of LEGO Star Wars.

FFOL : Female Fan Of LEGO


Greeble(s) : A small, non-functioning part added to a MOC to make it visually interesting.  Commonly used in Space and Mecha creations.


Half-Stud Offset : A building technique that allows building without regard to the standard alignment of studs on a plate, usually achieved with a jumper plate.

Headlight Brick : A 1×1 brick with an inset stud on one side.  Often used to attach headlights to LEGO cars.


Illegal : LEGO building techniques that break the rules for connections between LEGO elements followed by Official LEGO Designers, particularly connections that stress LEGO elements.

Inventory : The list of elements that are included in any Official LEGO set.


Jumper Plate : A 1×2 stud plate with only 1 stud in the center.  Useful for half-stud offset building techniques.


KFOL : Kid Fan Of LEGO


LBR : LEGO Brand Retail – The LEGO Brand Company’s official brick-and-mortar retail store division.

LDD : LEGO Digital Designer – A digital designing program available for free from TLG.

Legal : LEGO building techniques that that follow building guidelines for official LEGO set designers.

LEGO : The official term referring to products made by TLG.  LEGO is used as both a singular and plural noun such as “sheep” and “fish”.

LUG : LEGO Users Group – Local or Regional LEGO clubs that meet and interact primarily in an offline or real world context, although many have an online presence as well.

LURP : Little Ugly Rock Piece – Smaller version of a BURP.


Macaroni Brick : Nickname for the quarter circle brick.  It resembles a piece of elbow macaroni.

Mech/Mecha : A science fiction walking machine, usually biped, with or without a pilot.  A Mech is generally larger than a Mecha.

Microfig : Small figures, (half the size of minifigs), from the LEGO Game series.  

Microscale : Scale for MOCs which a minifig would be too large to represent a person.

Midiscale : The scale between Micro and Minifig scale.  

Minifig : Minifigure – The people and characters which populate LEGO environments.

Minifig Scale : A LEGO creation built for the scale of standard LEGO minifigures.

MOC : My Own Creation – Pronounced “mock”.  An original creation by a builder using imagination instead of instructions.

MOCFodder : A set purchased strictly for the pieces, not for the set design.  Pieces then go into your inventory for your use in MOCs.

MOCpages : LEGO specific photo hosting website used by LEGO fans to share their creations with the world.

MSRP : Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. – The official price for a LEGO set as established by The LEGO Group for a particular market.  Individual retailers may set their prices lower or higher than MSRP.  MSRP may vary from country to country.


NPU : Nice Parts Use – An expression of praise used to describe an interesting way to use an element in a MOC.

NLF : Non-LEGO Friend or Fiancé – Referring to those who don’t play with LEGO.

NLP : Non-LEGO Person OR Parent – Referring to those who don’t play with LEGO.

NLS : Non-LEGO spouse – Referring to those who don’t play with LEGO.



PAB : Pick A Brick – TLG’s website for purchasing individual pieces as well as the wall in LEGO retail stores.

Plate : A LEGO part that is 1/3 the height of a LEGO Brick.

Purist : A LEGO fan / creator who uses only parts produced by The LEGO Company.


Rainbow Warrior : A term referring to the multi-colored creations we all built when we didn’t have a large variety of parts.  Especially when we were children.

RLFM : Registered LUG Fan Media – Term used by The LEGO Company to denote an officially recognized online LUG, news site, forum, magazine or other fan media not recognized as an RLUG.

RLUG : Registered LEGO Users Group – A LUG officially recognized by The LEGO Company.


S@H or SAH : Shop At Home – Shopping online through

SHIP : Super Huge Investment in Parts – A very large LEGO creation, generally referring to a Space MOC,  which is over 100 studs long.

Sigfig : Signature Minifig – A signature minifig that represents a user in online communities as an avatar.

SNOT : Studs Not On Top – A building technique that uses LEGO elements on their sides or upside down to achieve the shape or structure the builder wants in their creation.

STAMP : Sticker Across Multiple Pieces – A sticker applied across multiple bricks making it difficult to use these parts again without removing and possibly ruining the sticker.

Stud : The round knobs on top of LEGO bricks and elements used to connect bricks and elements to each other.  Also used as a unit of measure in MOCs.         e.g. My MOC is 32 studs wide and 64 studs long.

Studless : A building style where visible studs are covered by Tiles or by using SNOT technique.

Swooshable : A LEGO creation, usually a plane or spaceship, that can be picked up without falling apart and flown around the room while making sound affects.


Tablescrap : A MOC built without much of a plan from pieces within easy reach of the builder.  Usually experimental in nature.

TBB : The Brothers Brick – A popular LEGO blog/website.

TFOL : Teen Fan Of LEGO

Tile : A LEGO element the same thickness as a plate with no studs on top resulting in a smooth surface.

TLC : The LEGO Company

TLG : The LEGO Group – The privately held parent company for all LEGO Brands and Companies worldwide.

Travis Brick : A modified 1×1 brick with studs on all four sides.  Names for Travis Kunce.

TRU : Toys ‘R’ Us


UCS : Ultimate Collector Series – A series of large LEGO Star Wars sets designed for older teens and adults.  Generally larger than minifig scale.


Vignette : A small scene or still life built on a base 8×8 studs wide to 16×16 studs wide.


WIP : Work In Progress


YFOL : Young Fan Of LEGO